Welcome to Seattle Mennonite Church

Seattle Mennonite Church is an Anabaptist Christian community. As disciples of Jesus, we believe faith and action are inseparable elements in each person’s pilgrimage.  We aim to live out our calling to offer welcome and hospitality, discern God’s will in community, worship faithfully and to build peace in our community and in the world.   Sunday morning gatherings offer opportunities for worship in community, fellowship, and Christian education for children, youth and adults.  Please join us!

What’s in a Name?

Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16; Mark 8:27-38

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Jesus Christ Superhero

Text: Mark 1.21-28 The Power and Allure of the Hero

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Israel Palestine with J. Daryl Byler

If you are concerned about issues dividing Israel and Palestine and you are ready to think about your role as a Christian in influencing a peaceful resolution, please come to “Conversations for Peace in Palestine and Israel”, a Mennonite Central Committee U.S. event with J. Daryl Byler at Seattle Mennonite on: Sunday, January 25th at [...]