Welcome to Seattle Mennonite Church

Seattle Mennonite Church is an Anabaptist Christian community. As disciples of Jesus, we believe faith and action are inseparable elements in each person’s pilgrimage.  We aim to live out our calling to offer welcome and hospitality, discern God’s will in community, worship faithfully and to build peace in our community and in the world.   Sunday morning gatherings offer opportunities for worship in community, fellowship, and Christian education for children, youth and adults.  Please join us!

A Pentecost Covenant

The evocative story of the Tower of Babel we heard from Genesis was the story told by ancient Hebrew people to make sense of the WHY of such great diversity among humanity—a diversity evident by our disparate languages, places, cultures.According to their compelling story, it was human pride… in building a tower to the heavens [...]

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New Rules: Wild Mercy

Acts 11:1-18; John 13:31-35 I am grateful that the storytelling we heard today from John was about our relationship to BMC and the Way of welcome to LGBTQ Christians and how Connecting Families provides a place of care and support for queer folks and their kin.  I think it is a clear illustration from the [...]

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Two Processions

Stallion and Colt: C. S. Lewis’ book the Horse and His Boy, has a scene set in the vaguely Arabian city of Tashbaan in the country of Calormene – south across a vast desert from Narnia and the north.  Shasta, the ‘boy’ of the title notices the difference between the way the Calormene royalty and [...]

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